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Members of the Los Toros Youth Football and Cheer are invited to submit recommendations for elected positions.

Letters suggesting or recommending a candidate should relate the member’s experience to the association’s work and his or her vitae.

Los Toros is seeking out those who show an interest in the program by assisting regularly with practices, games, fundraisers and other activities. Every effort will be made to have representation from all levels of play, both football and cheer.

The following positions will appear on the 2018 election ballot:

* The position of President MUST come from within the current year’s Board of Directors and had been in a previous executive position In the event no candidate comes forward, the nominations are open to any previous board members having left in good standing.

** The Position of Treasurer must be qualified administrators or have direct experience gained from having served on another board of directors in a youth organization similar to Los Toros.

Please submit your recommendations no later than October 17, 2018, to the Nominating Committee at the snack bar.


2018 Annual Los Toros Raffle Winners!

1st Place -  $250.00:  Cortney Pryor

2nd Place - $125.00:  Hunter Olvedah

3rd Place -  $75.00:  Ivory Mane


Thank you for supporting Los Toros!!

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Los Toros Bulls 9U - 
2017 Super Q CHAMPS!!!


Los Toros Bulls 8U and 12
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